She dreamed of paradise.~

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Anonymous said: All these people telling you to die , are mess up your a beautiful and strong girl .... dont forget that <333

Thank - you .<333 :’D

Some friend you fucking turned out to be.

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Anonymous said: Why are you so fucking beautiful??? i am sooo jealous c: Dont let those fucking bitches bring you down. c: Cause for those mother fuckers you do have fucking friends cause if you didnt your best friend would not be writing this c: so the can just shut the fuck up and fuck off cause they dont know you like i do. c: <3

I love you .cx <3 
lol , you wrote this right next to me .cx

Love you victoria.c’:

Anonymous said: hey um can you stop???? &'d like delete your Facebook?? ur crap is relly getting annoying:) thx!

Lol nah .d:
& just a little tip , learn how to spell k?

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Anonymous said: loook gurl i see yu everywere idk why da hell u tryin to make friends when u don't got none ok ilk really u sld stop doing way u do and just dye cuz u r just a little drama caser alright nigga ???? atch ur bak das all i had 2 say 4 u

Do you know how many times I’ve actually tried to kill myself? No , you dont know the story behind me & people like you are gonna get shit coming back because NOBODY diserves to tell somebody that they should die okay ? Ha , I probably have more friends than
& yes im so sure im a drama causer , NOBODY should ever tell somebody that , cause what if I really did kill myself & it would’ve been all your fault , you’d feel guilty & dont say you wouldnt . K? & dont even try to go with the shit about people trying to beat me up , people that start fist fights are ghetto.c: But it always has to be the other person to end it doesnt it ? & lol you see me everywhere ? The only thing you probably know about me is my name , not my back round & if you herd shit from somebody then you must be a dumbass for believing them , get off anon & start talking k c: